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What is the Tactical Knife?

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There are lots of knife in the market like survival knives, hunting knives, fighting knives, skinning knives, etc. But it becomes little bit different while we think about tactical knives. The tactical knife is a knife which can accomplish one or more challenging task; also those exceptional works are not easy to complete by a regular basis. The tactical knife has some unique features, those skills you will not find in any other knives. Let me clarify it in detail.

Usually, the knife manufacturing companies give us misguiding details on the subject of the best tactical folding knife or fixed blade knife. They use to inform us a tactical is not different what we use in our daily life or carry in the pocket or bags. However, the ordinary people believe such wrong idea and like to buy their regular knife as a tactical knife.

If I ask you what is the difference between a passenger plane and a fighter aircraft? You may answer me, one for carrying the passenger and one for use to fight in a war. Yes, that’s the difference between a tactical knife and a regular knife. The entire tactical knife has some specific feature and design to execute one or more particular task correctly. Let me help you to the better understanding with a perfect example.

Think you are on a fishing tour and the fishing hook is intertwined with a net or board cable or the fishing line, in that very times how you will release the fishing hook? Will you use your pocket knife or filet knife or your fixed blade knife? What do you think those regular knives really can solve your this problem?

No never, that filet, fixed or pocket knife cannot cut the fishing line or board cable. Because those blades are not designed to cut these kinds of things. Now you need a unique design blade or tactical knife which can cut through such types of elements.

Choose a fixed or folding tactical knife that has a sturdy stainless steel half razor sharp blade and another half serrated edge blade. A waterproof finger groves handle and the non-slip grip pattern around the handle body. The ergonomic handle will give you proper grip and balance on the knife as well as the sharp serrated edge will cut through net or board cable or the fishing line or whatever it is.

Through this one knife, you can do lots of different tasks, like sharp part will help you to slash the fish or skinning or hunting any animal and the serrated edge can cut wood stick, flexible-soft cotton rope, steel cable or many other things. Generally, most of the best tactical knife can perform multiple tasks.

The very first time the tactical knife was usually used by the military soldiers. The revelation of the tactical knife started from the Vietnam War since 1970. After 1990 the US Army has begun to use it as a dominant hand to hand combat weapon. Since then the manufacturer has made lots of change in the knife component and blade design.

This not only increases its durability but also boost its popularity and efficiency among the civilians. Nowadays, you will find it both fixed blade and folding blade version. A good tactical knife is more efficient and strong than a regular knife. So while you will go to buy a knife, I will suggest you take a tactical knife according to your desired purpose.

Blade Material Used In the Best Tactical Knives

It is one of the most important factors that what kind of metal has been used to make the blade. Because everybody knows, all overall the knife the blade is the most important part. If you choose a lower quality blade, it will crap whole the knife.

Let me give you some idea of top quality blade component. At present, the best-known blade element is heat treatment iron. By heating the iron first and again forging it and continue this process a few times, this is called heat treatment process to produce an incredibly strong metal.

The iron is produced by this method is known as Damascus Steel, but this kind of steel is so expensive. No problem, you can choose some other blade core materials like 420HC Steel, High-Carbon Steel, S30V Steel, 13C26 SANDVIK Steel are used in Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife.  On the other hand, like Cr17 High Carbon, AUS-8, Sandvik 14C28N, carbon 420, which are widely have been using as a substitute component of the Damascus Steel.

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