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How to Choose the Best Spotting Scope for the Money

Best Spotting Scope for the Money

Best Spotting Scope for the Money

Finding a spotting scope that caters to your needs can be a daunting task. If you have been trying to find ways to improve your hunting game or one that you can use to observe nature, then there is no better way to do so than by buying an excellent spotting scope for the money you have. You will want to select one that not only performs well but one that is also durable, innovative, and affordable. In this review, we shall give you a detailed guide on how to choose best spotting scope for the money. Let’s get to it.

Select a Scope with Perfect Body Style

For those unfamiliar with what this device is, a spotting scope is a small telescope that can be used for birding, surveillance, hunting, or for viewing landscapes, ships, wildlife, and other distant objects. These devices can also be used for scoring targets on rifles, pistols, and archery. Finally, another reason to purchase one can be to take long distance pictures with a variety of cameras.

Before buying one, you need to identify your main reason for purchasing one as you will need to select a scope with perfect body style to suit your needs. For example, if your reason for buying one is for hunting, then select one manufactured for that purpose. These devices come labeled with three numbers.

The first two numbers represent magnification range, and the last digit refers to the size of its front lens. For example 15-45×60 means that specific model has a 15-45x zoom magnification range and 60mm diameter front lens.

Magnification of the Spotting Scope

Magnification is the most important aspect of a scope. Higher magnification allows you to view objects that are well beyond the range of a conventional binocular. However, this does not mean that you should automatically opt for highest magnification available.

High magnification can be great but you will have a hard time focusing your device. Also, image quality might be low. For example, if you are looking for the best spotting scope for target shooting, then always stick to the magnification that will allow you to locate your target easily without you fumbling around with zoom settings.

Good-quality Objective Lens

Larger object lens will provide you with more details and better image quality, especially at higher magnification. If your device provides you with low-quality images when at higher magnifications, then you can always opt to purchase a high-quality objective lens made from high-performance glass such as ED glass, HD glass, Fluorite glass, or APO glass.

When looking for the best spotting scope for birding or best rifle scope for the money, we suggest you go for ED glass as you will have exceptional clarity and incredibly sharp images. If in doubt though about how large your objective lens should be, always go for quality of performing glass, not size.

Eye Relief of the Scope

Eye relief refers to the distance your eye can be from the eyepiece and still see the entire field. If you are an eyeglass wearer, then you should always look for a device that offers extended or long eye relief. This way, your glasses will not press into your skin when you are trying to get a full field of view.

Right Prism is a Vital Issue

Prism system generally refers to the glass that is used to turn what would be upside-down right-side up. Most optical prisms are made from BK-7 (borosilicate) glass or BAK-4 (barium crown) glass. The bak-4 glass is better as this glass is made from higher quality. You will have access to brighter images and high sharpness with any scope that comprises of BAK-4 glass.

Interchangeable Eyepieces of Scopes

Some spotting scopes have interchangeable eyepieces. Here, you can be able to purchase different types of eyepieces and exchange them when need be.

Types of Tripods

Tripods, just as everything else is available in many different models. Tripods are devices used with various kinds of optical equipment not only for support but even for aligning a perfect shot. Most cheap tripods feature plastic heads, which are prone to cracking or breaking.

Some tripods are not height adjustable, some have leg-lock features, others do not rotate, while others can provide all of these services. The best type of tripod is one that can provide you with all above mentioned features. Also, it’s best to find one that is waterproof as well so that it does not get damaged during rainy weather.

Choose a Scope that Includes a Camera Adapter

Scopes with camera adapter are always best, especially if you are looking for the best spotting scope for birding. This feature allows you to capture images directly from your device to your camera. A scope that includes a camera adapter also comes in handy for photography purposes. You will be able to capture incredible details from long distances and your images will be crystal clear and sharp.

Waterproof and Fog Proof Spotting Scope

Devices with waterproof and fog proof features are always the best to look out for. This is because they will be able to endure any type of weather conditions without getting damaged. Regardless of whether its scorching hot or freezing cold, this feature will provide a protective coat around your device. For anyone who lives in cold places of for those who prefer hunting or birding in morning hours, fog proof scopes will provide you with a clear field of view at all times, regardless of other environmental factors.

Final verdict

When looking for best target shooting scope, best spotting scope for hunting, birding, and other outdoor activities, it is always best to learn as much as you can about these devices beforehand. This way, you will be able to determine which features matter more to you and which ones are not necessary. From types of coatings, eye relief, the field of view, magnification, and many other aspects, arm yourself with as much knowledge – this will help you narrow down your potential buys, and hopefully, land you with best spotting scope for your money. For more information, do leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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